Climate policy

IPPC assists Organizations, Companies and Municipalities who are obliged under the Greek Climate Law (L.4936/2022) and the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS). Our services fully cover all the legal requirements so as to ensure that our clients get the optimal environmental and financial benefit through a one-stop-shop service. Our services include:

  • Development of a climate & environmental strategy. This strategy is compliant with mandatory targets of the legislation or the voluntary targets that an Organization adopts. Although the ultimate target is to achieve climate neutrality, the time frame to achieve this target and the techniques implemented may have a substantial economic and financial impact to the Organization.
  • Development of Municipal Emissions Reduction Plans (MERP). MERPs have been introduced by the Greek Climate Law as a new obligation for all Greek Municipalities. Each Municipality is obliged to monitor, report and verify its GHG emissions, thus, to implement annual carbon accounting procedures. The final legislative goal is each Municipality to reduce its emissions by 30% by 2030, compared to its 2019 emissions (base year).
  • Development and implementation of monitoring plans, emissions reporting and verification procedures (MRV). IPPC develops GHG monitoring and reporting systems in accordance with the EU Regulation (EUETS) and in accordance with international standards such as ISO 14064, GHG protocol, PAS2050 and IPPC guidelines. Each MRV system is tailored for the specific Organization it has been designed for and may be implemented either independently or as part of an existing management system (eg. ISO 9001/14001). Furthermore, IPPC undertakes the responsibility to operate the system and/or to perform periodic external inspections.
  • Calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. IPPC calculates annual greenhouse gas emissions, prepares the annual emissions reports (carbon accounting), and assists the Organization through the demanding verification procedure. Work is performed in accordance with the legislation by specialized experts, with the use of software management tools developed by IPPC and includes on-site cooperation. Moreover, especially for industrial Organizations, IPPC prepares all annual environmental reporting such as ePRTR, VOC, waste reports and IED reports.
  • Techno-economic plans for reducing emissions with new investments, use of innovative fuels and carbon offsetting techniques. IPPC also prepares techno-economic plans for climate adaptation and calculates the Organization’s climate vulnerability and resilience.
  • Emissions Trading. IPPC performs emissions transactions on behalf of its customers for EUA, EUAA, CER, ERU and VER. Transactions are completed in accordance with the IETA international standard contracts.
  • Information and training. IPPC published the monthly newsletter CLIMA®management with detailed information on international carbon markets and news regarding climate change and energy. IPPC offers training seminars on carbon accounting and climate change.

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