Environmental & Social Responsibility

IPPC S.A. implements a unified quality and environmental management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 standards


The quality of the consulting services provided by IPPC SA is our priority and a commitment for our top management team. Our primary objective is to identify the needs of our customers regarding the services we provide and to implement all necessary means to satisfy them by:

  • offering reliable services that comply with the law and our contractual obligations to the customer, the environmental aspects and with any compliance obligation in general.
  • aiming to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of our services,
  • improving the environmental performance of our customers

IPPC provides consulting services having in mind the respect and the protection of the natural environment. To implement this perception, IPPC is committed to follow a sustainable path of operation. IPPC monitors its environmental footprint and continually tries to minimize it. To achieve this, IPPC:  

  • seeks to control and reduce the consumption of natural resources during its operation,
  • continuously improves its environmental performance,
  • tries to reduce the volume of waste generated by its operation and to recycle where possible,
  • is devoted not to burden by its operation the already strained natural environment,
  • constantly tries to inform and aware its customers and its personnel regarding the climate crisis and the environmental protection.

IPPC fully complies with the legislation, standards and permitting obligations, as required in each country it operates to provide consulting services.

IPPC develops and implements individual policies that ensure the implementation of the current legislation, transparency through its operation and ensuring of the clients’ interests. 

To achieve its objectives, IPPC has established and implements a Quality & Environmental Management System in accordance with the standards EN ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015, and is committed to:

  • review and improve it,
  • periodically evaluate the objectives and the indexes for quality and environmental management, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness and the performance of (a) company’s procedures, (b) external partners. These are accomplished by by defining indexes to monitor and measure and by analyzing these parameters which are considered to be critical for internal procedures and for each project the company undertakes so as to achieve the quality scope of each project,
  • to provide adequate and sufficient human, material and financial resources and the necessary information for the monitoring and completion of each project and the effective and efficient implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System,
  • to offer the appropriate training to its employees as well as the conditions for optimal utilization of their potential
  • to communicate to all its employees and associates this Quality and Environmental Management Policy


IPPC is a proud sponsor of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)