Our philosophy

We work together with large and small private companies and strive to help our customers cope with their environmental obligations and, at the same time, to optimize their environmental and energy performance so as to turn it into a competitive asset.

We work together with Public Institutions and strive to improve their expertise and effectiveness in their operations, to develop a modern perception for the environment and to adopt the concept of sustainability as a horizontal policy into their strategic planning.

We specialize in industrial processes and logistics and the environmental and energy issues that result from them. Our expertise is the result of experience, continuous follow-up of international developments, knowledge of the legislation and continuous training in new techniques and technologies experience of our staff, monitoring international developments, knowledge of our legislation and the continuous training of all new techniques and technologies.

We ensure the quality of our work by applying strict quality procedures and by choosing our customers according to their determination to improve their environmental performance. We feel responsible and accountable for our work and we participate in the processes of public consultation, to which our customers are obliged.

We invest in the future, thus we have adopted a Research & Development culture. We promote the development of innovative consulting products, cooperate with new scientists, develop and operate specialized software and attend national and international scientific meetings and congresses.