Sustainability & Certification

IPPC helps companies to develop corporate social responsibility reports, sustainability reports and το implement specialized international sustainability standards. ΙPPC services include:

  • Development and implementation of quality and environmental management systems. IPPC undertakes the initial development, implementation and inspection of quality (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gases (ISO 14064) and carbon footprinting (ISO 14067) systems.
  • Elaboration of CSR reports. IPPC undertakes the development of Corporate Social Responsibility reports in accordance with the GRI standards. Industrial facilities and Organizations can thus measure, understand and communicate their economic, environmental and social impact, set goals and effectively manage changes.
  • Implementation of specialized standards. IPPC helps industrial facilities and organizations to incorporate and to implement specific international standards such as the GHG Protocol and to prepare reports according to the CDP standards in order to communicate information on combating climate change, managing water and deforestation.
  • Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. IPPC calculates the GHG emissions from any action or project undertaken by a company. IPPC gives access to carbon markets for EUA, EUAA, CER, ERU and VER trading. Transactions are made in accordance with ETA standard contracts.